Shoup Bay Trail Section B

Section B of the Shoup Bay Trail runs from the Gold Creek Bridge to the north end of Shoup Bay. Starting from the bridge, the trail runs through a grove of spruce trees. It will then start a gradual, and at times steep, climb to the divide overlooking Shoup Bay. This section may be very muddy and difficult to follow at times due the overgrowth. Spectacular views of Shoup Bay can be obtained from the divide. The trail continues along the east side of the bay until the inner bay is reached. From this point there are good views of the kittiwake rookery.

There are various cabins for rent within the State Park within Shoup Bay. To reserve one of the State Park cabins in Shoup Bay call (907) 269-8400 or (907) 269-8400 

This section of the trail begins at the Gold Creek Bridge. From the bridge take the right hand fork for 3.2 miles until the divide is reached. The track is quite steep in places and, depending upon the weather, very muddy.

The trail may be difficult to follow due to the extensive growth of vegetation. Descending from the divide via a series of switchbacks, the trail runs along the east side of Shoup Bay. A section of stairs is reached at 1.6 miles from the divide. The trail continues to descend, and, with the help of a series of cairns, crosses Uno Creek. The trail continues to the inner bay.

The distance from the stairs to the inner bay is 1.4 miles.

TIME: 5 hours O.W. DISTANCE: 6.3 miles O.W.

—Map and Compilation by Jim Shephard, Valdez Parks and Recreation