Dock Point Trail

The Dock Point Trail, although rather short, numbers among one of the prettiest for its size. Close up views of a grass and wildflower meadow from the boardwalks, along with spruce trees and ground dogwood, offer good photographic opportunities. The West and East overlooks offer good overviews across Valdez Bay. An eagle's nest located an one of the islands can be seen from the north side of the trail. A variety of plant life makes this trail a nature lover's delight.


The parking area is located off Kobuk Drive across from the boat launch ramp. After going past the gate, the hillside trail takes off to the right up a steep hill. The track then drops down to a small meadow from which two boardwalks lead to the East and West overlook viewing platforms. The trail then gradually descends curving around to meet the road from the gate. As the trail is circular, from the hillside trail sign one may elect to go clockwise to avoid the first steep climb.

Map and Compilation by Jim Shephard, Valdez Parks & Recreation